Update on my Green Pledges

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Debbie Chong
Debbie Chong

By Debbie Chong

Hello again! Following the conclusion of the Three Days, Three Pledges on DoNation, organised by Green Chester which started in April and ended in June, here is the recap of my three pledges, what I have done and some thoughts and future plans:

Green fingers

I have pledged to plant different sorts of fruit, vegetable and herbs at the garden allotment. However, since lockdown started, I did more windowsill planting and thankfully I have spacious windowsills to do this. I tried replanting leek cuttings, onion cuttings; I received a mint plant which started to thrive after being brought home, and had a couple of mint teas; I collected seeds from plants that I attempted to plant, but only started with planting fruit seedlings, no luck with vegetables.

Here are some pictures and tweets of what I have been up to:

I have also grown a fascination to bolted leek and onions (something I learned through my pledge):

Image of leek on windowsill
leek on windowsill
leek in garden allotment
leek in garden allotment

What I did learn from this is that it takes time and much commitment to make it into a thriving garden, I’m glad I started it and will hopefully continue to do so. Treat is as a science experiment, that’s what I told myself!

PC Power

I have got as far as turning my phone and computer to power saving mode, turned the automatic lock feature to two minutes for my phone and tablet, and screen turn off time five minutes for my laptop. Through this I also started to minimise my time on screen and spend more time outdoors, either for a walk or gardening, even pursuing my other hobbies.

Watch, listen and learn

I have pledged to watch/listen three talks in a week.

At the start of the pledge, I managed to attend a few seminars hosted by the University’s Faculty of Education and Children’s Services, listened to Do Lectures, and podcasts about education. I even attended a week-long online conferences that are education related. Unfortunately, I didn’t go that far in doing this pledge as much as the others as my workload started piling up. I would say this was a so-so result, although I did learn that probably listening to podcasts while doing chores did not suit me very much: practice to focus on one thing at a time, I guess.

This Do Lecture inspired me to live adventurously, not only thinking but practically willing to get out of my comfort zone, much recommended for a listen! https://www.thedolectures.com/talks/alastair-humphreys-how-to-live-adventurously-every-day

Other than the above pledges, I also took up storing water in basins and using them to flush the toilet. I realised a lot of water is wasted when auto taps are used: two runs of the auto taps almost equalled to a normal flush in my accommodation toilet.


I have enjoyed doing my pledges and learned more about caring for the earth in different ways, also sparked my interest in understanding nature, especially recognising plants and flowers (I am a flower enthusiast). As for now or in the future, I will be taking a break from pledges and focus on my dissertation and future career. Who knows I might be a budding gardener and tend to my grandparents’ garden back in Malaysia!