Summer in Chester

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By Jingfan Li

I am cherishing my time in the UK as a Chinese exchange student at the University of Chester. China and Britain are very different in culture and architecture, so everything here is very new to me. During lockdown, the scenery outside my window still attracted me although I stayed in my apartment. On the premise of protecting myself, I went for a walk in the suburbs. A brisk walk in the fresh air can lift my mood and dissolve depression.

I live near the River Dee and enjoy a beautiful view. Sunrise and sunset hours when the soft light is shining on the river is really a comfortable eye-feast. With the arrival of summer, I can see various flowers grow by the river, plants and trees began to become luxuriant.

Sunset over the river
Pretty Flowers

Near the park on the outskirts of Chester, the grass and flowers on the plains are so beautiful, the clouds in the sky seem to be within reach. In the distance I saw horses quietly eating the grass. A horse on the grassland beside the River Dee attracted my attention because I haven’t seen this kind of horse in China. The horse was very gentle and could be petted by passers-by.


There were few people outside, but occasionally some residents walked their dogs during the outbreak. Although everyone kept a safe distance, they would smile to each other when they met. In the meantime, roadside signs also remind us to pay attention to social distancing.

Coronavirus Sign

I visited various tourist attractions and experienced the cultural and historical background of this ancient Roman city in my first few months in Chester. In the months that I was about to leave, though I can’t travel to other places of the UK, I still enjoy the different beauty of Chester during this period. The scenery of the suburbs and everything here attracted me. The combination of nature and history is perhaps the real charm of Chester. Summer has almost arrived. I hope everything will become normal soon.