Students’ Union and University of Chester join forces

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It’s been a busy summer for us across all sites, and we’d like to share with you some exciting developments up and running from the start of the coming academic year.

We have been working hard with the University and our Trustees to find ways to enhance your student experience.

Many universities up and down the country run their students’ unions’ business ventures and sports activities, so the University of Chester is taking on the commercial side of the CSU. This has resulted in the CSU being given more funding, so that we can focus more on advice, societies, big campaigns and representation.


Several other students’ unions have created an Athletics Union (AU) with their partner university, to take their sports to the next level.

We want to be one of those pioneering organisations and have secured extra University funding for this partnership ACROSS ALL CAMPUSES.     

The University is now working with CSU sabbs and officers to steer our teams to the top, where they belong!

We want to kick start BUCS activities, competitions and recreational sport and we are laying down a serious challenge to our Varsity competitors #itscominghome?

For more information about the Athletics Union, please contact Gordon Reay, (former CSU President and University of Chester graduate!) on


Parkgate Road Campus

Larger shop

You have been asking us for a convenience store, so the University has opened one for you opposite White’s Dining Rooms. This is a much bigger space than where the previous shop was in the CSU building, so will make it possible to stock more products to meet your everyday needs – as well as offering an expanded range of branded merchandise for sports teams. It also has extended opening hours – 8am to 8pm – to fit in with your day.

If you have any suggestions for items which you’d like to see on sale, please contact James Davies on

New-look bar

The bar has also changed hands. With the University in charge behind the scenes, it has had a mini facelift and rebrand. Together, we’ll ensure that the pricing structure remains cost-conscious, to cater for student budgets, and all the best bits of your bar experience will stay as they are.

If you have any suggestions relating to the drinks on sale or the entertainment in the bar, please contact James Davies on

CSU – closer to you

CSU sabbs and officers will be more visible. We’ve moved downstairs in the CSU building and thanks to the University, WE have new, modern offices and YOU have a more effective student space. This has all new, brightly-coloured, comfy furniture, including beanbags, to give you somewhere to take a break during your day on campus. We’ll be right next door, so you can pop in if you need a chat.

Warrington Campus

You may not have been aware of this, but Bar Twenty10 has already been run by the University for nine years, so there are no changes there.

Supermarket opening

We’ve also listened to your requests for a better retail space at Warrington, so the Campus now has its own University-run convenience store. This has moved from Padgate Hall to the Garden Dining Room and is open for an hour longer in the evening (until 6pm) from Monday to Friday.

If you have any suggestions for items which you’d like to see on sale, please contact James Davies on

University Centre Shrewsbury


There should be some announcements soon about how we are reviewing your catering facilities, to ensure they provide the maximum benefit and value for money to students.

All these important changes will enable both the CSU and the University to meet the changing needs of students more effectively and improve standards of service to you, whichever campus is local to you.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact any of the officers.