Student volunteers for UK’s first local conference of youth on climate change.

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A Geography and International Development student is among 16 to 35 year-olds around the country who is helping to organise and host the UK’s first ever Local Conference of Youth (LCOY) on climate change.

Third-year undergraduate student Rebecca Brett is volunteering for the conference, which is hosted by YOUNGO, the official youth and children constituency of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). YOUNGO is entirely volunteer-run and consists of around 200 youth-led NGOs, (Non Governmental Organisations), with over 6,000 individuals working, studying and campaigning in the field of climate change and environmental sustainability.

The overarching mission of LCOYuk is to empower UK youth to be local, national and global climate activists; aiming to mobilise youth to ‘act locally, think globally’, and to help young people find pathways into the climate justice movement.

Rebecca Brett

In line with these principles, LCOY envisages that the event will create a network of UK youth leaders within the international youth climate movement; allowing young people to understand and learn more about the relationship between domestic and international climate issues, together with the importance of local, national and global activism in solving them.

The conference is due to take place in Manchester in November.

Rebecca is part of two of the conference’s teams – International Collaboration; and Venue and Materials. Rachel is part of the Communications and Outreach team. However, there are also opportunities in programming, finance, social events, catering, accommodation and travel.

Rebecca said: “I was made aware of the opportunity to volunteer with LCOYuk by the Department of Geography and International Development. Upon reading the description of their work, and all they intended to achieve, I felt extremely motivated to apply. 

“This campaign towards a change in attitude and behaviour has the potential to change the world, a process which I think everyone needs to be a part of, be it in showing support for LCOYuk’s event in November, or through making simple, sustainable changes.”

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