Positive Vibes Only

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Shaquila Chante Morgan

By Shaquila Chante Morgan

Rough day at Uni? Or does it feel like a bad month? In any case, welcome to your emergency mood lifter. Courtesy of @morgan_kela. Positive vibes only! Breaking down how to become a happier, healthier student in five simple steps. Follow this routine for 30 days and let me know how it goes!

1) Power in optimism

2) Confidence booster

3) Gratitude feeds perspective

4) Feed yourself happy

5) Surround your life in colour.

Optimism: Aside from being mentally healthier, optimists at university excel more than pessimists. And if you find yourself around pessimistic people… abort! Surround yourself in positivity only, plus focus on the positives. Optimists are more affluent in coursework as well as exams. They are excelling in hopefulness and the confidence of a future academic career. All you need is to say ‘yes’! Optimism shows in your grades indefinitely. More importantly, it shows in your person. It takes the smallest change to become optimistic. Creating positive mantras, getting a role model, keeping an appreciation diary, can all help push you to become the student you envy. Who said you can’t have it all? Challenge negative thoughts and make them positive!

Confidence boosting: Who doesn’t need this? If you feel you’re confident enough, then what’s the harm in pushing further? Think: are you the student you want to be? Are you the person you want to be?

Visualise yourself as exactly what you want to be and write it down, draw it, anything you can do to express your inner thoughts. Then affirm it! Further to that, make sure you’re always setting yourself up to win. You are a winner! Always question your inner critic, and care about yourself as number one. You can do anything. And after you feel you’re sufficient in the above, why not push yourself even further by helping someone else with the same issues.

Gratitude feeds perspective: The benefits of practicing gratitude are endless. You can practice gratitude by taking notice of what you have. Reflecting on positive emotions, and the experiences you’ve had. Doing so can make you feel more alive, sleep better and even improve your mental health. Why not try out a gratitude journal, listing at least one thing a day you’re thankful for. Reduce materialism and feel more competent in both your private life, and student life.

Feed yourself happy: Right, this one is a bit trickier. I’m vegan and I’d strongly say ‘GO VEGAN!’ But I won’t. It’s tricky enough myself ensuring that I have all the right nutrients and calories per day. Though, what I do see is students on fad diet regimes and unrealistic diet goals. Just feed yourself happy. Eat what you want, just in moderation. Eat at least seven pieces of fruit and veg per day. Clear your mind, clear your skin. That’s the magical diet I go by. I like to make a green smoothie for full days of lectures. It includes a handful of kale and spinach, a pear, apples, and grapes (seven portions of fruit and veg per day). It’s that simple. This special concoction hydrates, improves digestion, and rejuvenates your body for a long day, giving more than enough energy. Further to that, regular intake can help to relieve depressive symptoms. Magic juice for sure!

Surround your life in colour To have a colourful life, means to have both ups and downs, living life to the fullest. Don’t dwell on things you can’t change. And paint in happiness the things you can change. Express yourself, wear brighter colours! Dye your hair a new colour, paint your nails something funky. Make everything co-ordinate with you. You’ve got this!