My experience working at a summer camp in America

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By Jemima Pallister

Jemima Pallister

During the summer, I got the opportunity to work for a summer camp in America for two months. More specifically, I was in Bridgton, Maine (not too far away from Canada). As a Camp Counsellor, my roles included teaching or assisting a specific activity area as well as living in a bunk with campers. However in order to be able to get the job it does require one most crucial qualification in that you must love working with children.

            In order to apply, if I am being honest, you need to be prepared to fill out a number of forms however if you know what you are doing and you really want to do this then it is very much worth it. It all began with looking at and setting up an application on CC USA website. On this application you can select what kind of camp you would want to work at. Depending on your application and what you selected, you will be given a camp most suited to you. After completing the application, I received an interview via skype from a CC USA employee who had also worked at a summer camp. Not too long later after the interview I received an email from a Director of a camp asking if we could arrange a Skype interview about my potential position as a Camp Counsellor teaching and assisting with tennis. It went well, and he offered me the job the next day.

Camp America Team

            In all honesty, this will be the most fun job you will ever have. I had an amazing experience despite having doubts about it. However going over with a British accent, I can’t promise that the kids over there will not take the mick at least once.

‘Goooooood..Morning Camp, everybody out of bed it’s going to be a beautiful day in downtown Bridegton, Sebago..flag in 20 minutes’ will be the daily wake up call you would need to get used to every morning. What I learnt while working at camp was that you needed to go with the flow. One thing could happen at any time on any day and suddenly you’re doing something very different the next. Your summer will be spent forming bonds with campers of any age between seven and 15 and staff. The kids will have scheduled activities each day and an evening activity. Every Wednesday was trip day which makes it even more fun for the staff in getting to go out with the kids. For example, activities included: trampolining, blackberry picking, going to a water park and going to the cinema. As a Camp Counsellor you will be around kids almost 24/7 with barely any privacy but you will get at least three nights and one day off a week to re-charge.

This was without a doubt one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. This was also  a big eye-opener for myself as I learnt a lot about my own personal strengths and weaknesses.