Keep your head clear in lockdown

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By Jingfan Li

What interesting things have you done in lockdown? Have you spent more time with your family?  Have you watched a play or book that you didn’t have time to watch before? Did you learn another new skill? Even during isolation, we must keep a clear head and make good use of our free time.

Tip 1: Read some books

If you always feel that there is nothing to do during lockdown, you can turn over the books you have bought but did not start to read. Or you will find a surprise if you read it again. It is easy to get despondent when you are idle. At this time, you need to supplement spiritual nourishment. You can read the books you are interested in or prepare for the qualification exam. After all, this time is really rare, not only quiet but also abundant.

Tip 2: Find out what you are interested in

It’s time to practise new skills. Maybe learn to edit videos and record your life is a good choice. Or maybe you can take out and practise the musical instrument that you bought before. Find your passion and start doing things you want to do but didn’t do before! You can find many free learning resources on YouTube.

Tip 3: Do exercise at home

Summer is nearly here, do you want to go out for exercise, but still worry about getting infected? Then you can do simple exercises at home to stretch your whole body. But you should remember to avoid jumping excessively and to exercise without causing trouble to your neighbours.

On the NHS website, you can find suggestions on sports and life health.

Tip 4: Try to cook

Maybe you are accustomed to eating convenience foods. But do you want to actively improve your kitchen skills during lockdown? You can try to cook cuisines across the world. During this period, in addition to trying a variety of snacks, you can also consider preparing a hearty home-cooked dinner for the family, and study some delicate desserts and dishes.

Click here to find a variety of recipes

Tip 5: Watch your favourite TV series

Is there always a film or TV show that you want to watch but don’t? You can spend a lot of time watching drama now. It is a happy time without interruption. However, please do not stay up too often. It’s very important to live a regular life.