Join us in June

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The Sport and Active Lifestyle team has been inspired by the ability of our University community to remain connected virtually during lockdown. Our team wanted to add to this by inviting you to join us in June for some challenges. Whether you have found that you have more time to be active recently, or you are finding it difficult to motivate yourself during long days indoors, these challenges are for everyone to get involved with and to help us all stay connected by staying active!

Throughout the challenges, and after completing, please tag us in any social media posts @uocsportactivelifestyle (Instagram) UoC Sport Activelifestyle Chester (Facebook). Alternatively email to tell us. We will be adding all completions to a University total.

You will find the details for the challenges on our social media channels above. We will be posting them each week. A brief description of each of the remaining challenges is included below (the first challenge took place the week ending June 14):

5-day Core Challenge: June 15 to 21

This second challenge is to complete five days of core exercises.

Chester HIIT Challenge: June 22 to 28

Our third challenge is to complete 3 HIIT sessions.

You can also find many other hints and tips for home workouts and recipes on our social media channels. Watch out for more information from us as we approach the next academic year. Good luck with the challenges!