How Yoga has kept me grounded during a time of upheaval

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Georgia Beech practising yoga
Georgia Beech

By Georgia Beech

The rigidity of Lockdown seems to be easing, some children are starting back at school, and shops are set to open on June 15.

However, I still feel this is a significant period of unease, as we try to adapt to the new normal, with our new routines.

Disruption to my routine is what I feared most about the pandemic.

 How could I possibly get out of bed each day to do, well, nothing?

 It was not until my mum encouraged me to tryout yoga first thing in the morning when my mindset shifted.

Yoga offered me a sense of release, where I could let go of the stress related to the crisis of the Coronavirus.

 I felt energized, and motivated to make the most out of the day ahead!

This made me want to incorporate yoga into my everyday routine throughout lockdown.

Since Lockdown began, there have been numerous reports showing an increase in mental health problems, particularly anxiety.

One-thing studies also shown were that a routine was key to bringing back a sense of normality.

I decided that after breakfast, and my morning cup of tea, I would select the most suitable yoga video for my mood.

Even if this were just a short video involving gentle stretches.

 YouTube has a great selection of yoga videos, so it is just about finding one that you think will benefit you most.

Yoga releases the stress hormone, cortisol, which is why after completing a workout video, I feel euphoric and free.

Also, with university physically closed, it was difficult to attain certain goals, and that satisfaction of accomplishment.

But, now after I have carried out a yoga session, I feel proud that I have achieved something positive with my day.

It enables me to work towards a goal, which is to become more physically and mentally strong.

Physically, I have noticed that my back problems, which I previously experienced, have improved vastly!

Georgia practising yoga

I aim to do yoga for half an hour each day, and I have noticed that my fitness has improved since making yoga part of my routine.

This has aided my confidence too, because now I feel less insecure when running, or taking long walks.

The good thing about the variety of yoga videos is that they have a range of workouts from beginners to more advanced capabilities.

I find this makes the experience more enjoyable, as you can really take your time to build up your strength.

What I enjoy about yoga is how it is often a steady workout, unlike intensive cardio.

It is nice to feel tranquil after a session, rather than panting for breath.

As well as the physical perks, yoga has trained me to become more mindful, which is wondrous for overall mental health.

To practice being in the present, yoga values the importance of acknowledging the breath throughout the exercise.

Breathing techniques are a simple way to feel calm, which arguably is what we need more than ever right now!

So, if you need some time out from the chaos, settle into your mat and try yoga yourself!

Namaste x