How Social Work students have been supporting Warrington Foodbank

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STUDENT social workers played a key role in caring for the local community by donating food and toiletries to the Warrington Foodbank.

During Challenge Poverty Week, which ran in mid-October, Social Work students supported the national campaign which aims to raise voices against poverty and build awareness of work being done to challenge it.

Challenge Poverty Week
Challenge Poverty Week

Final year students such as Ailish Marlow and Katie Childs were inspired to help after reading statements while studying which described poverty as ‘a punishment against a crime you have not committed’ and highlighted how ‘anyone who has struggled with poverty knows how expensive it is to be poor’.

Ailish said: “I feel it is important we all understand the impact of poverty because it is a social problem that requires society to come together to find a solution and demand action.”

Katie added: “Poverty is a multi-faceted issue that should be scrutinized on every level as its consequences have a detrimental impact on the whole of society.’ 

In 2019/20 approximately 1.9 million people used a food bank in the United Kingdom, around 300 thousand more than the previous year.

Dr Valerie Gant, Senior Lecturer in Social Work at the University of Chester, said: “As recent reports highlight, UK austerity has inflicted great misery on its citizens and sadly food banks are a sign of the times with demand rapidly increasing due to coronavirus . Final year Social Work undergraduates are to be commended by responding constructively to Challenge Poverty Week in this way.”