Green and sustainable life: everyone can do better

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By Lei Chen

Moby the Fish
“Recycling waste” by Lei Chen

Environmental problems are arising in large quantities and becoming more and more serious. The finiteness of natural resources restricts people’s endless satisfaction requirements and results in hostile acts of environmental damage. Finding a way to comply with the requirements of the development of society, adopt low-carbon lifestyles and pay attention to sustainable development are essential to student life.

It is necessary to improve people’s awareness of the importance of protecting the environment. Environmental awareness can only be formed through the understanding of the relationship between people and the environment, and understanding the importance and urgency of environmental protection. As a student, our awareness about the need for environmental protection and sustainable development is vital to our community.

Although university students have advanced knowledge, we need to improve our awareness about protecting the environment, and the importance of sustainable development. As a member of the earth, we have a responsibility to protect the environment and to pay attention to sustainability.

We should improve our environmental awareness and literacy. University students should regard sustainability and environmental protection as their responsibilities, and view them as a good way to show our virtues. For instance, if you understand the significance of reducing carbon emissions, you will know that every small action in our daily life will reduce not only personal expenses but also bring green care to the earth and benefit future generations. There are lots of ways to improve students’ awareness and conception of environmental protection and sustainable development. These include organising topical lectures and community activities.

Turning low-carbon life and green consumption into every aspect of our lives is important, and there are lots of things we can do. For instance, turn off electrical appliances and pull the plug out when we leave a room; use energy-saving lights instead of ordinary light bulbs; choose public transport for travel; avoid buying disposable products, such as paper cups and plastic bags; save and recycle water resources and don’t forget to turn off the tap after you use water, every time.

Green Chester Stand
“Go Green Week organised by the University of Chester” by Lei Chen

Personal power is limited and only by mobilising more people can we better implement the concept of environmental protection and sustainable development. Universities and communities are the places where we study and live, and we can encourage more students to participate in related activities. Take ‘Go Green Week’ for example, which is organised by the University’s Sustainability Unit and Chester Students’ Union. There were diverse topics and events held in different campuses, from the launch of an energy saving competition at Warrington to waste audits at Kingsway. Students could involve themselves in various sustainable activities and learn how to live green.

Chester is the city where green and sustainable lifestyles happen every day. The University also leads by example and puts sustainability into every aspect of student life. To make our community more beautiful and sustainable, we should undertake the responsibility of environmental protection and sustainable development.