Graduate Outcomes – Don’t be shy, use your graduate voice!

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Save the date: 

  • Add Remember to complete my Graduate Outcomes”, 15 months after the date you’re due to complete your course, to your phone calendars now.

What is Graduate Outcomes?

  • We will want to know what you’re doing upon completion of your course.  Whether you’re employed, self-employed, in further study, travelling or doing something totally different. 
  • We will also want to know how your course prepared you for what you’re doing and for your longer-term career plans.

How will Graduate Outcomes be conducted?

  • You will be emailed a link to complete the survey.  If you do not complete it online you’ll receive a telephone call instead, however it’s quicker and easier to complete it online.

Why is Graduate Outcomes important?

  • Knowing where our graduates work/study helps inform the career planning of our current students and graduates. 
  • Remember using DiscoverUni (formally Unistats) when applying to university? It’s this anonymised data which helps future applicants like previous graduates helped you!

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