Go Green Week 2020: Experiencing a different green life

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By Lei Chen

Moby the Fish
Moby the Fish

Go Green Week started on February 24 and ended on March 1. Different topics and activities were held on different campuses, from the launch of an energy saving competition at Warrington to waste audits at Kingsway. All the activities were free to attend.

The campaign was organised by the Sustainability Unit and Chester Students’ Union. Students got involved in different sustainable activities and learnt how to live green.

The Fairtrade pancake breakfast was very popular. Students tasted different pancakes and the ingredients which were used to make the pancakes were Fairtrade. Rev Canon Dr Peter Jenner, the Dean of Chapel, said: “We associate traditional festivals with sustainability development. We use everything we have from Fairtrade. It is an international network that offers food from sustainable ingredients.

“This will help students focus on the relationship between food and environment.”

Smoothie Bike was also a good choice to experience. It’s a kind of activity using a bike to make juice. The bike is attached to a blender and, when you ride the bike, it makes the blender turn to blend the fruit. “It’s a good way to save energy and keep fit,” said Eleanor Lewis, the President of Chester Students’ Union. She told us that there were a whole host of events you could get involved with and all of these were about sustainability.

In addition, the University also invited Safari Rangers from Chester Zoo to promote the importance of sustainable palm oil. How many tonnes of palm oil do you think was produced in 2015 or how many kilograms of palm oil do we eat each year? Marisa Edwards, a Safari Ranger for Chester Zoo, said: “The rainforest is a very important habitat for any species. Half of the world’s species come from the rainforest.

“It’s important for us to buy products which have the RECO logo, because lots of animals have lost their home due to the expanded plantation of oil palm trees.”

At the beauty workshop, Jingfan Li, an exchange student from China was making face masks and lip balms with her friend. The beauty workshop offered students some simple ingredients form our daily life. And students can use these to make face masks and lip balms. You can make a tasty and useful mask just by mixing cocoa powder, honey, yogurt and banana. Jingfan said: “We have been experiencing different activities this week. I think there are some practical meanings about Go Green Week, it enriches our extra-curricular life as well as improving students sustainable ideas through these activities.”

The University of Chester leads by example, putting sustainability into every aspect of a student’s life. Go Green Week provides a platform for both students and staff, to encourage everyone to realise that every small action we make ourselves will make a big difference to sustainability, through the campaign.

At present, the University is developing its next carbon sustainability strategy as the current one runs in 2020. Tamara Hunt, Sustainability Officer, said: “Part of this strategy is to go out and find out what staff or students think our priorities should be focusing on from here. We are setting targets to reduce our electricity or carbon emissions We need staff and students from all different departments to help us to achieve that.”

Green and sustainable lifestyles happen here every day. Go to the University of Chester website, where you can find out more: