Expert shares the latest on employment law with students

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From furlough and remote working to staff vaccines and tribunals, a Q&A session with an expert in employment law gave students a breadth of insights into responsibilities and issues Human Resource professionals are managing in the pandemic.

John Hassells, discussing Employment Law, during the Q&A session

John Hassells, Employment Solicitor from Bramhalls Solicitors based in the Wirral, discussed a range of employment law topics with Business and Events Management students, including:

  • An overview of the furlough scheme and how it works. 
  • The position regarding employees struggling to work due to childcare responsibilities and furlough.
  • The consequences of overclaiming on furlough or applying the scheme wrongly.
  • Whether an employer can require an employee to take the vaccine. 
  • Handling the performance of remote workers. 
  • 2021 employment legislation changes.
  • Key cases to watch out for in 2021. 
  • How the tribunal system coping.

Students described the session earlier this year as “great”, “extremely useful”, “interesting”, “clear” and “engaging”.

Karen Cregan, Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management, who organised the session, said: “It is important that our students keep up-to-date with the contemporary challenges that organisations and people are dealing with through these unprecedented times of COVID.  

“I am really grateful to John and Phil from Bramhalls Solicitors, for their time and continued support in providing this insight to our students, especially on the topics of furlough and managing employee performance remotely.”

John added: “It was an absolute pleasure to support the students with their learning and to talk about the employment law challenges Human Resource professionals have faced because of the COVID-19 pandemic.”