Eight skills to advance yourself during lockdown

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By Yadan Sun

There is no doubt that the life under lockdown feels less interesting than usual. Everything is taking a slower pace than before. However, at the end of the pandemic, the economy, politics and the cultural industry could be prosperous again, but how about you? Will you be as before, with nothing changed? There could be an opportunity for you to seize the silver lining to advance yourself, such as developing a hobby, trying to motivate yourself to do something, restart something you have given up before…Here are some suggested skills for you to have a go at!

Photography and Editing

It is quite popular to record life details through short videos or Vlogs. Although it can feel limited during these hard times, it could be a good chance to cultivate your imagination and creativity. What you need at first is a smartphone or camera and a simply fixed tripod. Have a go at an online course- Udemy could be a good choice or find a blogger on YouTube.


If you are used to eating out or take-outs, why not seize the chance to enjoy cooking for the family by yourself during lockdown? Curry-related food often has a high success rate if you like; alternatively, try a frittata, spaghetti with tomato sauce could also be a good start, and for dessert, pancakes are pretty straightforward to make.


We always use psychology consciously or unwittingly in our life. For example, how to communicate with others? How to convince others in a team? How to analyse commercial advertisement strategies? Psychology could be the key skill to polish your performance or improve relationships. Again, perhaps try an online course as a starting point, and also it could be good practice during life, anytime and anywhere.


It is a skill you can quickly learn. You might not use this skill in daily life if you are not a journalist or lawyer, but it could be a way to train your concentration and productivity. When you practice listening, it could offer you an efficient way to catch keywords and the main point in a short time.


It is quite a good way to help you relax the body and improve mental health. A yoga mat could be all the equipment you need to prepare. “Yoga With Adriene” is a great channel on YouTube. The videos are round 10-30 minutes, very short and easy to get started. You will see the difference in a month if you keep doing the practice step by step.

Drawing or Painting

During the lockdown, people have more time to spend with themselves. It is also a chance to look into your heart. Drawing is a skill that needs to calm the mind and express oneself. If you are

interested in it, you could actually start from, for example, your iPad, with iPencil – this could be a very recommended tool to learn drawing, and ‘Procreate‘ is a good application to practice; many kinds of paintbrushes and effects are available.

A New Language

Language is the bridge to see a wider world, to learn a different language in the same language family with your native language could be easier, such as Japanese and Korean, English and Spanish. The first step is to control the basic vocabulary and grammar, then do plenty of practice. You could choose ten pieces of audio, and listen to them again and again until you can write them down and speak them out, by that time you can basically handle this language. Also, the 21 days practice method is a suitable way to learn a new language.

Study Skills

We use study skills our whole life. Compared to gaining knowledge on its own, study skills are recognised as a more significant method, and it is individualised, so it’s about finding out what works for you. For example, time management strategies, how to make a plan, what is an efficient way to practice? These are all key points to improve study skills. ‘Tomato Timer’, ‘Learning in 21 Days‘ are good options, just keep trying to find one that suits you and you will benefit for a long time.