Do you want The Chester Difference?

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Do you get involved with a range of activities around the University? Then why not get involved in The Chester Difference Award (CDA) to gain recognition for the many extra-curricular activities that you may be involved in during your time at the University of Chester?  Not only will this help you prepare for your future career, it will also help you develop your existing skills while acquiring new ones.

If you are already volunteering, working part-time or are involved with other initiatives offered by Careers and Employability, such as our Venture Programme, then start logging your points now!  If you’re not currently carrying out any extra-curricular activities, getting involved in The CDA could be a good reason to do so, as it provides you with an opportunity to showcase your skills and experience to future employers.

Last academic year (2018\19) over 160 students completed a level of the Award and were invited to attend our celebration evening at the end of the year at Storyhouse.

How do I start my CDA journey?

You can register for The CDA by logging onto CareerHub via Portal –

We deliver inductions throughout the first academic term, so why not come along to find out how you can get involved and start working towards your Award!  The CDA team is here to answer any of your questions about the Award and what it entails.

Meet The Chester Difference Award team

Name: Hannah Perkins – Training and Events Co-ordinator.

What does The CDA mean to you?

When I was at university I volunteered and was a committee member for the trampolining club.  Since graduating this experience has been really valuable in helping me with my career. The CDA celebrates your achievements, helps you to develop the links between your extra-curricular activities and your future employability and demonstrates to employers the additional responsibilities that you have taken on while studying. 

Fun Fact: After finishing university I taught English as a Foreign Language in Spain and Slovakia.

Name: Amber Gaffoor – Training Assistant.  

What does The CDA mean to you?

The CDA is a journey where students develop their skills, life experience and most importantly their own self-development and confidence by getting involved in all of the amazing activities available to them. The CDA not only recognises the extra things students do, but it also encourages them to go that extra mile to try something new.

Fun Fact: I have taken part in a reindeer sleigh race in Finland.

Name: Lisa Rogers – Career Consultant.

What does the CDA mean to you?

The CDA means recognising achievement and self-development.  As I have been involved with The CDA since it began in 2014, I have seen many students achieve beyond their expectations and grow in confidence. Students have pushed themselves and have tried out new experiences whilst participating in the Award. This shows the value and benefit of the Award and I would always encourage students to get involved and try something different.

Fun Fact: I took part in a Giant Opera, with the Chester Giants, which was held in the Chester Amphitheatre in 2012.

Name: Daniel Cole – Employability Assistant.

What does The CDA mean to you?

To me the CDA is an opportunity for students to showcase and receive recognition for all the activities that they are involved in outside of their core studies. The certificate that students receive is also something that they can show to future employers as evidence of their engagement in the Award.

Fun Fact: On my 16th birthday the England Cricketer Ashley Giles personally called me to wish me Happy Birthday.