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Got an idea that can help people? Want to lead on your own project?

From cookery workshops in homeless centres, to walking dogs and buddy schemes, come and have a chat to us in Volunteering and Mentoring about it and we’ll help you get started.

A student-led project starts with an idea for a scheme or project that will make a difference to the lives of not just the students but the wider community. Student-led projects are volunteering projects run by students, for students! Leading a project is an amazing opportunity for you to develop valuable skills and experience, be your own boss, give back to causes you really care about and make a huge difference to your local community.

Here are some of the amazing projects currently running here at the University:

Chester Student Dog Walkers

Volunteers work in pairs, picking up the dogs from their owners at an agreed day and time each week. The project aims to ensure that the dogs are kept healthy by regular walks and to help members of the community who can no longer walk their dogs due to long or short term ill-health.

Welly Wednesdays

The Welly Wednesday project organises monthly conservation and outdoor volunteer work days at various locations across Cheshire and North Wales, with organisations ranging from Cheshire Wildlife Trust; National Trust to local community groups. Activities can include habitat management; footpath building and gardening.


This student-led project sees a group of students working with local charities, to host afternoon teas for local elderly people who are socially isolated or don’t have family or friends living nearby. Arranging a tea party for a small number of the elderly population enables them to spend time with new people and have face to face conversations, which can help combat loneliness.

CHEW (Chester Healthy Eating Workshops)

This student-led project sees groups of students working with Chester Aid to the Homeless (CATH) to provide hands-on, healthy cooking workshops. Volunteers work with CATH service-users to help them learn more about nutritious food and cooking and then enjoy a meal together.

Letters against Loneliness

This student-led project was set up to help combat loneliness and social isolation and make unexpected friends by becoming a pen-pal to a local socially isolated person (such as someone with Dementia or an older person in a residential home). Volunteers on the project write letters to a member of a local Dementia group; attending the occasional social event to meet their pen-pal.

Now that you know more about student-led projects, are you interested in setting up your own?

Do you have an idea for your own student-led project but don’t know how to get started? Whether you have a full project in mind or just some initial thoughts, it all starts with an idea. Do your research, make sure the project is realistic, needed and unique, then tell us all about it!

From your proposal, to project development, to getting started, the volunteering and mentoring team will be on hand to guide and support your project. We’ll arrange regular one-to-ones to see how the project is progressing, and help you plan ahead for handing your project to the next leaders. We can provide you with resources, training, support and opportunities to advertise and promote your project and will be on hand to answer any questions throughout set up to starting!

Check out the Start Your Own Project page on our website or contact the team and we can help you to get your ideas off the ground on

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