A Virtual Visit from Eden Loweth

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Anna Louise Bevilacqua
Anna Louise Bevilacqua

by Anna Louise Bevilacqua, 3rd year Fashion Marketing and Communication student

There is a well-known phrase which goes by the way of “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. One of the wonderful things about the Fashion Marketing and Communication course here at Chester, is that we are extremely fortunate to have been introduced to a number of inspiring, influential members of the fashion industry, who are brought to us by our Course Leader, Tracey Hall, to help enrich our studies, and to enable us to be one step closer to industry. The privilege of us being able to communicate with industry, is part of our course’s ‘pay it forward’ mentor scheme, where previous graduates, who have been highly successful and have flourished in their careers, offer their time to support current students. Previous such individuals have included; Garry James Butterfield, Tony Green, Tala Surace, and Sorcha O’Raghallaigh.

Eden Loweth Models

Eden Loweth had arranged to travel to Chester to offer tuition to our current Fashion Marketing and Communication third years, however due to the current circumstances, Eden agreed to hold virtual tutorials over the phone, to extend his support digitally. Eden, who graduated from Ravensbourne University London in 2016 with a degree in Fashion, is Designer, Creative Director and one half of the brains behind luxury brand, Art School. Regularly discussed in Vogue, Art School is a vibrant, progressive, genderless fashion label, which celebrates individuality, and has broken down the barriers of gender. In January 2020, our current class of third years was invited by Eden to attend his A/W 2020 show ‘Fearless Love’ at London Fashion Week Men’s. This was an amazing opportunity which we are ever grateful for, as it illuminated to us where our ambition could take us in the near future.

Fearless Love by Eden Loweth

During our tutorials over the phone, Eden was able to offer our third-year students his inside industry expertise, as well as giving us great advice and guidance on our Final Major Projects. A big thank you to Eden for taking the time to speak to us.

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