A healthy timetable you need when you stay at home

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Yadan Sun
Yadan Sun

It has been two months since lockdown, what do you do every day?

Does any of this sound familiar to you?:

  1. I feel sleepy all day and could do nothing
  2. I don’t have an appetite, and just eat some instant food
  3. I watch videos and eat so many snacks all day
  4. I have lots of work to do, but have no focus
  5. I seldom take exercise these day and feel listless.

If you are not as full of energy as before, this timetable might help you to live a healthy and effective day!

7am – 8am – Get up, drink a glass of water which helps you refresh.

8am – 8.30am – Eat breakfast, don’t forget to intake protein, vitamins and carbohydrates rationally. It provides you full of energy at the beginning of a day!

8.30am – 10am – The best time to do some hard work, for students to learn professional knowledge, do assignments or read some literature. Avoid doing strenuous exercise because your immune system is more weaker at this time.  

10am to 11am – Do exercise as you like, dance could be a good choice. It is better to add some kind of fruit to replenish moisture and supply vitamins after sports.

11am to 12.30pm – Develop a hobby as you like, it will not take you too much energy.

12.30pm to 1.30pm – It is lunch-time. Don’t forget to eat some high-protein food like beans, eat until 80 percent full.

13.30 to 2pm – Take a break, a nap could be a good idea. Research finds that taking a nap for about 30 minutes could decrease heart-attack risks.

2pm to 4pm – Spend time dedicated to your work or assignment – this would be an effective time.

4pm to 4.3pm – Time to have a cup of yogurt, which is good for your heart, (low fat would be better). Also take some break to relax your eyes such as looking into the distance.

4.30pm to 5.30pm – Develop your hobby.

5.30pm to 6.30pm – Have dinner, don’t eat too much, stop when you feel full.

6.30pm to 8pm – Chat with family or friends online or offline.

8pm to 10pm – Watch a movie or read some books to help you relax. Enjoy your time alone, and take some time to reflect.

10pm to 11pm – Take a shower and get ready to sleep, also you could make some plans for the next day.

You could adjust this timetable to best suit you. Whether lockdown or not, a good lifestyle is something you always need. It is important to make every day positive! Also, here are some tips to keep you positive during this time!

1. Please don’t stay up late. Burning the midnight oil could let you fall into a bad time cycle. It will cost you a lot of your energy the next day.

2. Please don’t drink too much coffee. In the morning, a cup of coffee could wake you up, but if you drink too much, you would be alert even at midnight! Or you could choose caffeine free.

3. Please don’t indulge in spending too much time on your mobile phone. Setting your alarm clock is a good way to help you remind yourself. For example, you could watch short videos on the app like Tik Tok for half an hour, after the alarm clock rings, close it and do something you could to improve yourself.

4. Please don’t be caught by procrastination. Make a plan for every day and every week, arrange work or assignments reasonably, don’t put it off to the last several days before the deadline.

5. Find a hobby, such as drawing, guitar, Photoshop, Premier, Python, etc. It only takes 20 hours to get a skill to a decently good enough level. It would be a great time for you to improve yourself!